Sketchpad Questions

I am sort of getting the feeling that I will be needing to use ISLE as my main instructional tool during class. Many students (75%) have one a single monitor to view the synchronous sessions.

Originally - I was building my lessons as if student would work on them outside of class, now I think I will be using the lesson during class as well.

So first thought was how do I provide interaction and also be able to cover typical slides - that leads me to wondering how the sketchpad works. How do I add in PDF? or Slides? (can I only add a pdf?)

Do all students that have the lesson open see what I sketch in real time? (Is it possible to restrict to just one cohort…or do you think I should create 3 separate courses in ISLE?, I am teaching 3 sections at different times…)

Is there a way to set up a sketchpad - ask a question with a graphic (say a distribution) and student respond and share response … and then the instructor can go over response live with the class?

I see you can disable transmitting actions. Can I disable, then write out something (like my answer to a question…) and then enable and then my students will see what I just wrote. I tried this work flow but nothing showed up on the student end after enabling…

Hi jrico, good to see you on the forum! I will try to answer your questions:

Slides have to be prepared in PDF format to be loaded into ISLE. Using the “Lecture Slides” template in the ISLE editor gives an example of using a fullscreen sketchpad component displaying PDF slides.

Students by default will have your annotations showing up in real-time in case they have the lesson open. This can be toggled off overall, but there is currently no way to restrict the transmission of one’s annotations to only members of a specific cohort. Using three different courses would be one solution.

Here is an example of how we could display a question with a pre-defined image on page 3 of a sketchpad using the nodes attribute:

	'3': <Panel>
		<Image src="" alt="Misleading Pie Chart" className="center" />
		  question="Please comment on the appropriatenes of the pie chart above"

Is this along the lines of what you were looking for?

Best practice is usually to set aside blank slides on one’s PDF for the pages where interactive elements should be displayed. Otherwise, it might happen that overlaid elements will overlap with the text on the slides given how the slides will be scaled depending on one’s screen resolution, whereas the ISLE components have a fixed size.

As you encountered, this workflow is currently not supported and likely won’t be in the foreseeable future given that it would not be straightforward to implement. Always happy to hear such suggestions though so in case you feel strongly about this feature, please open a feature request on the GitHub repository at